The LIFE15 CHEREE project was performed under the LIFE Environmental Governance and Information Component of the LIFE 2014 – 2020 Programme for a total period of 4.5 years (10/2016 – 3/2021).

The overall goal of the EU funded LIFE15 CHEREE project is to support knowledge harmonization for the enforcement of EU regulations on sustainable use of chemicals and expand the added value of environmental prevention in handling hazardous chemicals.

The CHEREE project aims to:

 Build community knowledge, authority capacity, efficiency and compliance culture for effective enforcement of REACH/CLP Regulations and SEVESO III Directive

 Develop and implement common good-practices including guidance, training and supporting inspections and duty holders needs in two Member States (Greece and Cyprus).

 Expand cooperation between NEAs, CAs, other environmental inspection bodies and duty holders in the two Member States

 Increase awareness of target audiences on safe control of chemical hazards – Fostering and operation of IT tools for inspectors/duty holders by combining the follow-up of the LIFE project PROTEAS

The CHEREE consortium brings together the relevant know how from Technical University of Crete on SEVESO III implementation and risk management analysis for Occupational Health Safety and Environmental systems, with the extensive experience of GCSL (Greece) and DLI (Cyprus) in REACH/CLP enforcement.


  • Chemicals Regulations
  • REACH Inspection
  • CLP Inspection
  • REACH Compliance
  • CLP Compliance
  • REACH CLP Enforcement
  • REACH CLP Inspectors Training
  • Inspection of Chemicals
  • Dangerous Substances
  • SDS – Safety Data Sheets
  • Downstream user
  • Only Representative