HazChem Info Centre is an e-platform with e-tools for systematic support of duty holders on the chemical risks control.

Provides in public access online tools and services for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, including:

 REACH e-Audit tool: An online tool for the self – evaluation of companies of their compliance level against the REACH Reg. Its function can be extended to a training web-tool for any employee needs to be trained in the Regulation.

 The web tool “Report an incident” intends on reporting, recordkeeping and analysis of accidental spills and/or injuries (any registered users like SMEs, Industry). It is now uploaded for Pilot Use only.

 An e-library with publications/studies relative to HSE protection from chemical spills/ occupational risks.

An e-platform with guidelines and data bank with BATs and Industrial Practices addressing:

  1. Safe Handling and Emergency Planning during transport and loading/unloading of dangerous chemicals
  2. Chemical Accidents
  3. Lessons Learned from Accidents
  4. Assessment of SDS

 The web tool “Support” is an interactive communication web system for online personalized discussion/advise (dedicated to industries, SMEs) on information concerning spilled chemicals and emergency actions/ measures after an industrial accident.

HazChem Info Centre will provide guidance and information to duty holders and the public regarding reduced and controlled use of hazardous substances. Substitute chemicals will benefit environment protection by preventing environmental pollution (air, ground, water) caused by normal emissions and accidental releases of dangerous substances. Apart from protecting environment from adverse effects, employees and population are also protected by possible side effects of an environmental pollution.