A comprehensive assessment of the contents on a complete SDS can be performed by using the checklists included in the project “REACH e-Audit tool” (https://www.reach-cheree.gr/el/reach-e-audit-tool/). Both duty holders and inspectors can assess compliance of an examined SDS according to regulatory requirements. All appropriate compliance criteria for SDSs are included in the e-tool under Title IV – SDS GENERAL QUESTIONS and under TITLE IV – SDS 16 separate Sections (e.g. https://e-audit.reach-cheree.gr/en/inspection/149/questions#instance-149).

It is noted that for safe handling of dangerous substances during loading unloading operations, the most reliable information on good techniques and practices, can be found for each and every individual chemical (pure substance or mixture) in its complete and correct SDS. For each substance or mixture the relevant information is typically provided in individual sections of an SDS: Section 7 (Handling), Section 13 (Transport) and Sections 4 (First Aid), 5 (Firefighting) and 6 (Accidental release measures).