The “HazChem Guidelines” is an e-platform with guidelines and Best Inspection Practices developed by the LIFE CHEREE project for the control of Hazardous Chemicals.  In the following guidelines there are references to ECHA guidance and to national guidelines issued by the NEAs in Greece and Cyprus for the implementation of REACH and CLP regulations. The “HazChem Guidelines” e-platform includes:

    • The guidelines in the “Training Manual for Inspectors” (in Greek ONLY) contain training procedures and contents of training courses addressed to inspectors of different level of experience. The Manual includes numerous references to training material and documentation that are essential for the training of REACH/CLP and SEVESO III inspectors.    
    • The guidelines issued by ECHA and the National Enforcement Authorities of Greece and Cyprus. Reference is made to the websites of ECHA, GCSL and DLI.