The “Inspectors e-Centre” is a separate web platform with customized services and utilities to support the preparation/conduction of inspections and inspectors’ consultation and training.

The e-tools operate in a user friendly interface for the inspectors priority tasks and on-the-job needs.

The e-Centre functions provide: easy access and navigation to guidelines/criteria for compliance with the individual requirements of REACH/CLP & SEVESO III Regs and examples of best practices per type of inspection task, company activity, chemical characteristics, etc.

Τhe “Inspectors e-Centre” services are:

 REACH e-Inspection tool: A training web gate with web-based training material of the good-practice program for inspections.

The web tool “Notification of CARCINOGENS” intends on notifying to the Authority, storing or/and handling of Goods and Substances containing CARCINOGENS.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Question): A service with  FAQs related to REACH/CLP Regulations collected by the National Helpdesks of the 2 MSs. Service to support inspectors and duty holders to improve cooperation and coordination between NEAs and other involved bodies at national level. (currently restricted access)