CLP – (EC) No 1272/2008


CLP-1: Cosmetics classification, labelling and packaging obligations

CLP-2: Chemical products labelling and packaging special requirements (e.g. superglue)

CLP-3: Correct statements in Greek on dangerous chemicals label

CLP-4: Chemical products placing on the market general obligations (classification, labelling, packaging and SDS)

CLP-5: Greek label obligations

CLP-6: CLP Article 45 – Cypriot Dangerous Chemicals Registry

CLP-6: (a) Products with identical chemical consistency in 2 different packaging sizes (e.g. 350ml and 700ml) should have 2 different notifications in Chemicals Registry

CLP-6: (b) Products with identical chemical consistency in 30 different colours (e.g. spray pigments) should have 30 different notifications in Chemicals Registry

CLP-7: Article 48 requirements of distance chemical rpoducts purchase/supply

CLP-8: Classification related to Labelling and Safety Data Sheets

CLP-9: Surfactants – H315, H318 & H319

CLP-10: Biocidal products

CLP-11: Information on article 45 of CLP

CLP-12: Food ingredients

CLP-13: Fire extinguisher pictogram

CLP-14: CLP Article 45 exemptions

CLP-15: Mixture composition

CLP-16: National Register of Chemical Products (NRCP)

CLP-17: VOCs

CLP-18: Classification

CLP-19: Water Based Paint


REACH – (EC) No 1907/2006


REACH-1: Mixtures

REACH-2: Only Representatives (ORs)

REACH-3: Registration dossiers

REACH-4: Contact LR

REACH-5: Fees

REACH-6: Inquiry

REACH-7: Charcoal

REACH-8: Polymers

REACH-9: Lignosulfonates

REACH-10: Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

REACH-11: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)

REACH-12: Phthalates restrictions

REACH-13: Creosote oil

REACH-14: Benzenesulfonic acid


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