Action B.4 aims at planning and execution of 4 training courses (2 in each MS) for national inspectors and CAs addressing national and EU inspections guidelines and enforcement priorities of REACH/ CLP & SEVESO III Regulations.

All relevant information and outputs of Actions A.1, A.2, B.1, B.2 and B.3 will be elaborated to develop the training material and structure of the ITCs; in particular, the “good-practice structured Program” (Action B.1), the e-learning courses of the e-Platform (Action B.2) and the recommendations identified in CoVs and PIs (Action B.3).

The ITCs will have a technical profile in training the inspectors on specific compliance topics, methodological techniques and procedures (identified in Action B.1 & B.3) as well as on using available knowledge assets included in databases and tools of the project e-Platform (Action B.2).

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