Question: Βιοκτόνων προϊόντα (η ερώτηση προωθήθηκε στο ΥΠΑΑΤ)


Dear Sir/ Madame,


Following your e-mail dated 18/10/2017, we would like to inform you on the following:

  1. The National Competent Authority for Plant Protection Products and Biocides is the Directorate of Plant Protection, General Directorate of Sustainable Plant Production, Ministry of Food and Rural Development, E-mails: ; . Tel.: 0030 210 9287241, 0030 2109287219
  2. The National Competent Authority for Biocides for human use is the National Organisation for Medicines, E-mail:,  Tel. 0030 213 2040 000
  3. You SHOULD contact directly in the future the above Competent Authorities for such issues.
  4. We are forwarding your written inquiries to the respective competent authorities.


You may already have been informed on the above in a previous correspondence.


Hoping to have elucidated the situation for you


The Hellenic HelpDesk for REACH, CLP and BPR


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