The REACH / CLP inspectors training seminar took place at the General Chemical State Laboratory, in the hall of the Supreme Chemical Council, in Athens, on November 2, 2018. The aim of the training seminar was to train trainers who organize seminars and/or train colleagues (training for trainers) on the enforcement of REACH / CLP regulations.

The present training was related to the detailed training, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the software and the completeness of the platform databases, aiming at the most efficient and faster inspection of the chemical products, according to the CLP Regulation.

The evaluation of chemicals, results either from inspections by the Competent Authorities, or their evaluation is requested by companies or other cooperating national Bodies. The seminar was attended by officials of the General Chemical State Laboratory (Greece) and the Department of Labor Inspection (Cyprus).

REACH / CLP Inspectors Training Seminar (Greece and Cyprus) and Technical Meeting in the context of the training of the European Program LIFE CHEREE