The training seminar for new inspectors REACH / CLP was held by teleconference on February 4th, 2021. The event was attended by new executives of the Chemical Agency of Crete who had not been trained in the training activities of the CHEREE program. The training focused on the presentation of the electronic tool “REACH e-Inspection tool” which is now used by the C.A. of Greece for the execution of inspections for compliance with the REACH Regulation. The functional capabilities of the tool were analyzed and real examples of chemical evaluation were presented.

This training was the first part of the modern approach to business information: Inspectors, when conditions allow, will participate, within the CHEREE program, in the organization of training / information of all companies based in Crete and must comply with the REACH and CLP regulations. The aim is to inform companies and train them in the respective tool “REACH e-Audit tool” which is a useful tool – to check their compliance and assess their adequacy in case of inspection.

Training Seminar for new REACH / CLP Inspectors of the Chemical Agencies of Crete