The Training seminar was held by video conference on the 16th of July, 2020 (1st part) and on the 30th of October, 2020 (2nd part). It is part of the Training Actions of CHEREE program and focused on the training of SEVESO inspectors of TEE Cyprus in order to update / confirm their knowledge and in order for the new inspectors of the service to acquire similar knowledge. The topics of the seminars focused on:

  • General requirements of the SEVESO III legal framework
  • Preparation and Evaluation of SEVESO Safety Study (Report): Legislative Requirements, Guides – Criteria.
  • Methodological steps for the Evaluation of Safety Studies in Facilities & Units with Flammable Liquids & Liquefied Gases
TRAINING SEMINAR OF INSPECTORS for the SEVESO III Directive on: “SEVESO III Directive: Control and Management of Large-Scale Accidents related to Dangerous Substances. The Legislative Framework for the implementation in Cyprus (and Greece) and the Risk of SEVESO Facilities”